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In 1934, the City found itself in possession of a small herd of deer which the citizens thought should be exhibited. With this, the Cohanzick Zoo began.

The zoo was named for the band of Lenape Indians who resided in Bridgeton alongside the river - as a result, they became known as the Cohanzick Indians. Today, the Cohansey River peacefully flows through the park adding a unique natural setting. It is a great place to visit all year 'round. The Cohanzick Zoo is New Jersey's first zoo, and a division of the Department of Recreation and Public Affairs.

Cohanzick Zoological Society (CZS) Membership:
For just pennies a day you can help the Cohanzick Zoo acquire new animals, improve and renovate exhibits, and maintain the Zoo's beautifully landscaped grounds and facilities. As a member of the CZS you are eligible for: Free or Discounted admission to a wide variety of zoo's and aquariums across the country, 10% discount at our souvenir stand, reduced admission to Zoo Camp, and invitations to "Member's Only" events at the zoo, and much more!

Education Programs:
On, and off, site education programs are available where you and your organization can have an up-close experience with a variety of our animals. These programs are a great way to educate students and adults alike on the importance of animals and their habitats, while providing a truly entertaining experience.

Animal Adoptions:
Are available for a wide variety of the animals we have at the zoo. As an adoptive parent, you will receive a Certificate of Adoption complete with short biography and photo of your adopted animal. Adoptions are good for one year and provide you with a sense of pride and satisfaction in knowing that you contribution will help provide food, veterinary services, and enrichment toys for your special animal. Adoption donations start at $25.00 and make a great gift for any animal lover!

Address: 45 Mayor Aitken Dr, Bridgeton, NJ 08302
Phone: 856-453-1658