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How We Support Tourism Businesses

The Southern Shore Regional DMO (SSRDMO) is a nonprofit corporation representing tourism businesses in the southernmost region of New Jersey including Cape May and Cumberland counties. SSRDMO works to enhance and improve the business climate in New Jersey by promoting travel to Cape May and Cumberland counties in a targeted geographic area, assisting member businesses and growing the demand for travel to the region. 
  • An annual $50 dues investment pays great dividends by helping a wide range of tourism-related businesses grow with the help of local and state tourism professionals.
  • Members are kept up-to-date on issues, information and other strategies from officials and employees who work in the tourist business around the state.
  • Members also benefit from cooperative advertising discounts, public relations work, networking opportunities and website exposure.
  • Membership is open to every sector of the tourism industry from accommodations, cultural and historic attractions, restaurants, transportation and chambers of commerce.

The primary role of the SSRDMO is to influence government and private-sector thinking and action on behalf of the regional tourism businesses and other stakeholders, promoting positive measures that help the industry grow and prosper in a sustainable manner. The efforts of the SSRDMO are targeted towards increasing leisure travel as well as encouraging visitors to stay longer and visit more often. Specific marketing efforts will work to increase demand for hotel/motel rooms, rentals, attraction visits, sightseeing tours, restaurant meals, event tickets and more. Key principles will guide the development of the destination including brand awareness, assessing and addressing visitor needs, developing effective partnerships with tourism stakeholders, maximizing the use of the current information and distribution system in place in both counties.

List of current members

For information about membership call 609-425-0303.

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