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The Cape May Whale Watch and Research Center is the company that started it all in 1987 at 1286 Wilson Dr, Cape May on the vessel, The Holiday!

We'll Show You Marine Life Like No Other Can!

The Cape May Whale Watch and Research Center presents an unparalleled seafaring safari to the oceanic wonders of the Atlantic. Thrill to breathtaking sights of the world's largest mammals surfacing and breaching. Enjoy the antics of man's best friends - the dolphins, as they cavort and frolic right alongside the boat. See pelagic birds soaring overhead. And stay alert for the sudden photo opportunity, by a seldom seen, rare and endangered species, for you to capture its essence on film. Careful instructions are given in the "spotting techniques" for particular species by our naturalist. As a result of this collaboration, you will be able to share your knowledge to help save the habitat of these intelligent, friendly, and family oriented creatures.

The M/V American Star, 90 ft long boat with a maximum limit of 150 passengers, is set up for non-obtrusive, up close viewing of whales and dolphins. The Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center was founded in 1987, and we originated the phenomenon of “Whale & Dolphin Watching” on the New Jersey coast. In 1987, we began monitoring the species of marine mammals that come to this area to learn more about their feeding, migration, and breeding habits. We’ve come a long way since then, we now partner with Whale SENSE as well as the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society to continue our research and to promote awareness of protecting whales, dolphins, porpoises, and their environment.

Our Research Center Guarantee: It is the thrill of the anticipation, without expectation, that makes the experience of witnessing wildlife in its own environment so richly rewarding. This is the treasure. We at The Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center want you to feel the thrill, and so we will do all within our power to show you as much marine life as we are able. While we do not believe in offering a monetary refund if no marine mammals are observed, we will however, offer you another trip because we believe it was the treasure of seeing marine life in its natural habitat that brought you aboard in the first place.

Address: Utsch's Marina, 1121 New Jersey 109, Cape May, NJ 08204
Phone: 609-898-0055