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From the sun-kissed beach days of summer to the cuddle-by-the-fireplace evenings of winter, your journey to NJ’s Southern Shore begins here. Nestled between the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, the NJ’s Southern Shore is the perfect place to build tomorrow’s vacation memories. Spend a day fishing, boating, camping, hiking or bicycling. Bask in the sun on the beautiful beaches or be adventuresome on the Boardwalks along the Jersey shore; they are a hub of activity with merry-go-rounds, water parks, lightning-fast roller coasters and seven-story high Ferris wheels.

Walk historic streets lined with ornate and colorful Victorian homes or spend an afternoon meandering through beautiful gardens.  Picture a quaint country inn, filled with antiques, that serves afternoon tea on the veranda. For families or vacationers more comfortable in other types of surroundings, there are dozens of choices from ocean front motels, summer rentals, condos, campgrounds and off-shore economy accommodations.

Something happens when you visit Southern New Jersey. Concerns and routines are left behind and new places start to feel like home. Does it matter where you stay? Not to us! A castle or campground, just drop by, settle in and remember – when a place is part of the experience, it becomes a piece of the memories.

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