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The Jersey Cape Winery & Brewery Trail

From vine to wine, the Jersey Cape has earned bragging rights for some of the best wines this side of Napa Valley – and most of these great vintages are made from grapes grown right here in Cape May county. Always recognized as the Garden State for great fruits and vegetables, parts of the state, especially the southern peninsula, have emerged in the past decade as the perfect place to grow grapes Sandy soil and breezes from the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean provide the environment that many European grapes need to thrive. Savor the wines and enjoy the ambiance of each distinct winery – while acting and drinking responsibly, of course – as you follow the Jersey Cape Winery & Brewery Trail. In addition to being blessed by our temperate microclimate, there is some great news for all… a recent law was passed that allows New Jersey wineries to ship wine directly to your door. Before they were only able to sell the wine in tasting rooms or in the limited retail outlets. Now you can get them straight from the source. Visit each winery online or call to find out more about direct delivery.

There is no historical documentation that Ben Franklin ever said “beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy,” although it does sound like something the portly old guy might have uttered while enjoying a pint or two in a Philadelphia tavern centuries ago. But if Ben visited Southern New Jersey today there’s no doubt he’d utter that phrase – or something similar – as he raised a glass of our fine local brews. In NJ by law, breweries are allowed to serve four 4oz servings of beer when accompanied with a tour. Additionally, They are able to sell two growlers to go per person. Visit each brewery online or call to find out more their tours.

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With more than 30 wineries and commercial vineyards, the Outer Coastal Plain American Viticulture Area (AVA) is an unexpected treasure between Philadelphia and the Jersey shore. With more than 2.25 million acres in the heart of South Jersey suited to growing dozens of fine wine varietals, South Jersey's Outer Coastal Plain wines are quickly becoming a hit with wine lovers everywhere!

New Jersey's 40+ wineries offer more than just nationally and internationally acclaimed wines, they offer a total wine experience. Savor New Jersey's award-winning wines at wineries nestled amid rolling hills and breathtaking scenery. Sample the wines and taste the quality for yourself. Browse the gift shops and tour the winery to see how and where the wine is made.