Lazy Eye Distillery | NJ Southern Shore

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Lazy Eye Distillery produces small-batch, craft certified, gluten-free spirits. We believe in going back to the way things were done in the old days, from the fermentation of carefully selected grapes, to the distillation of small batches in pot stills, it is that time-honored tradition that truly yields a genuine taste.

Lazy Eye Vodka
Our flagship product. A smooth drinking, hand crafted, craft certified gluten-free spirit. We ferment carefully selected grapes in micro-batches in our small pot stills. That time honored tradition truly yields a genuine taste.

Lazy Eye Special
The Lazy Eye Special is a cocktail created using our gluten-free vodka distilled from grapes. More importantly it was born in our home. Our special has been enjoyed by our family and friends celebrating life’s events and holidays throughout the years. Now we would like to share our “Special” cocktail with you.

Lazy Eye Rakii pays tribute to the “Greek Spirit” of our parents and grandparents and the values that they instilled upon us. As a result of careful fermentation and distillation in our small pot stills, the character of our Rakii is dynamic. As an aperitif, or digestif, it pair well with cuisine from around the world. Enjoyed neat, chilled or on the rocks, the choice is yours

Tours & Tastings
Tours and Tastings are available at our two locations by reservation. Private group tours available too.

Wildwood Address: 135 E. Spicer Avenue, Wildwood, NJ 08260
Richland Address: 1328 Harding Highway, Richland, NJ 08350